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Castlemaine Currency project aims to produce a tangible, tactile and tradable currency incorporating local clay, which is then used to trial actual exchanges as well as spark conversation. The project will feature a didactic exhibition at Lot19 over three weekends, coinciding with a display at the Market Building and preceded by a provocative marketing campaign.

These are designed to engage the public around key questions, such as:
– What is money?
– Why a local currency?
– How can it create economic and social wealth?
– Where else in the world has this worked?
– What can it tell us about ourselves?

A panel discussion and an experimental opportunity to earn and spend the money will be part of the exhibition.

Working in conjunction with the Castlemaine Institute, the project takes its lead from the “Mount Alexander in 2040: the Warrarrack economy” written by the Institute for the Zero Net Emissions Community Transition Project. The Silver Wattle, Dja Dja wurrung symbol for diversity and the “glue” that binds us together, is used to make impressions upon the clay currency, a collaboration with ceramicist, Ann Fergusson and Nalderun.

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