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The Castlemaine Electronic Workshop (CEW) showcases software set-ups for producing and performing electronic compositions and has over 30 members regularly meeting online. Kick-started by Get Lost Quick, this new collective has created a mission statement and are currently planning for the first electronic music seminar / performance in early 2021 featuring local artists and enthusiasts in the field. Attendees will get to try out, audition, learn and sample from modular synthesizers, beat programming machines, loops, audio interfaces and midi controllers.

Participants of CEW are gaining insights into the processes and pathways available to them, and delving into visioning for a permanent electronic music resource for the shire, housing a collection of necessary equipment inspired by Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS).

Soft launch event happening Friday, 11 December, 7pm – Boomtown Wine – book here.

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Thumbnail Green
Thumbnail Green
1 year ago

Will we there be a focus on triple oscillator monophonic analogue synthesisers? Also of use would be instructions or advice on inputing complex midi data from synths into hardware sequencers like any of the akai mpc range.

Reply to  Thumbnail Green
11 months ago

There will be 4 electronic music artists that certainly use or indeed have plenty of experience in using modular synthesizers and midi. So in answer to your question, yes!