Ann Ferguson is an award-winning ceramic artist, passionate about working with clay, creating pieces that range from large 3D works, to small, unique objects.

Ann Ferguson is a ceramic artist and educator of long experience living in Castlemaine. Hundreds of private collections and public installations show her enduring love of the medium, her imagination, her artistic and structural design skills and her productivity.

Ann has won awards, acquisitions and public space commissions. She has been represented in exhibitions and engaged in Artist-in-Residencies positions and international collaborations.

Ann’s work covers a lot of ground – small and large pieces about childhood, beauty, love, birth, motherhood and relationships; murals and gallery installations about how environment and social history connect to architecture and urban form; impressive ceramic totems about modern and ancient cultures and sculptures for public spaces that celebrate music and performance.

Ann has worked as a kindergarten teacher and workshop leader. Her experience suggests that clay is a perfect medium for sensory exploration and expression and its elemental earthiness is an antidote for a world absorbed in technology and change

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