Graduate in Choreographic Composition with specialization in Body Expression, Classical Dance Teacher, Martial Arts Instructor and Contemporary Dance Performer.

Welcome to a world where healing meets artistry and magic intertwines with well-being. In my role as an Art Director, I channel creativity and vision to craft compelling experiences that transcend the ordinary. ⚜️✨ Whether through visual masterpieces or immersive projects, I believe in the transformative potential of art to evoke emotion, inspire reflection, and spark curiosity. As a Dance Teacher, I embrace the enchantment in group classes where classical, contemporary technics, free dance and improv becomes a medium for exploration. These experiences are called mainly organized "Flowseeker"go beyond mere movement; they delve into the realms of emotion, self-discovery, and collective energy. My passion extends globally as I seek connections with kindred spirits worldwide. 🌎✨ Together, let's share, nurture, and empower ourselves through the alchemy of bonding, co-creation, ecological coherence, and a comprehensive, artistic education. Join me on this journey where healing, art, and magic converge for a life enriched with connection, purpose, and holistic well-being. 🌟 #HolisticHealing #ArtistryInMotion #MagicWithin

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