Digital funnel is a motion graphics creative business that delivers 3D and 2D animation, architecural visualisation, Virtual reality, modelling and rendering.

3D Product Visualization​​​​​​​ Digital funnel can bring your products or ideas to life through photorealistic 3D rendering services. Visualize your products before they are made for powerful marketing. Animation​​​​​​​ We can create dynamic animations for Television commercials, social and internal communications. Use the power of 3D animation or 2D animation or both and maximize your user engagement. ArchViz + VR Use the power of 3D to Visualize your dream home or building to the next level. Using a powerful gaming engine, we can develop your building inside an accurate environment in real time. This allows you to explore Day light analysis on structures, scale and space inside the building and colours on walls and roofs. With the addition of Virtual Reality goggles you can literally walk inside your house well before construction begins.

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