Gavin is the creative director at Chops For Tea & a partner at the award-winning Storyland Studio in Castlemaine.

Gavin studied graphic design in London and went on to complete a Master of Arts at University for the Creative Arts where he ended up making a 25-minute film that his lecturer despised. (It was called 5 Days One Summer). With over 30 years of experience across many industry sectors, Gavin’s experience is vast. He’s worked with global fashion brands, record labels, blue-chip insurers, and interior designers to name a few. Over the years Chops For Tea has helped its client base develop and market their brands, products and services with passion, enthusiasm and a high degree of skill. Chops For Tea proudly resides at the Storyland Studio in Castlemaine and provides an almost full agency service at the heart of which lies in-depth knowledge on how to shape and craft brand communications.

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