Iliria Bytyci

Hair cutters, Vintage stuff, Art, Music, Fashion, Jewellery

Managing director of The Captains Daughters, hair and fashion. Lover of good music & all things good, lives in hope that one day her lucky no.s will come up and she'll finally be sitting behind the wheel of her own Charger. Former co-administrator and writer at Levitation Magazine. Former co-founder and director of Indigenous HIP HOP Projects and Koha Hairdressing. Former designer at fashion label Koha Versus Koha. Former singer songwriter of 2000pcs and Maine. The Captains Daughters is relaxed atmosphere with million dollar views and down to earth service. With years of skill and experience we encourage and have a fuss free, natural low maintenance approach to hair, known for dry freehand cutting and styling, coloring to emphasise depth, shade, texture and overall health of the hair. Aware of current trends and fashion delivering hair that is not contrived and is easy to maintain, appreciating and embracing the unique imperfections and characters of the individual with a signature style. Cultivating the subtle nuance of perfection in our quest for low-interference, is itself complex yet at its core simplistic. There is no place for effort in the art natural beauty. In life, endeavour to find the subtle perfection in everyday tasks. Reduce the number of steps required to accomplish happiness by finding the beauty in simple, natural phenomena like a tree, a full moon, a wave or a "departing crow." Effortless, simple, elegant, unforced, naturally perfect. We ourselves are complex yet perfected in simplicity. We often just don't see it. Keep training. Keep appreciating. Keep looking.

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