A beautiful retail space and online store, created in celebration of creativity and art.

Opened in 2019 by artist and crafting enthusiast Nicola Lay, MoM has grown into a must see Castlemaine destination. Nicolas’ background in the arts and retail management has been invaluable in building the store we see today. Mom offers room for people to showcase and sell their creations, which are carefully curated in store.

The ever-changing visual displays are a must see for anyone in need of some serious retail therapy.

Eccentric, artistic, obscure and new-age, M.o.M offers a unique shopping experience while also providing customers a place to feel good and be welcome; and where they know staff have time for them. With a wide variety of items in the range of local artworks, books, jewellery, beauty products, taxidermy, and other treasures all within the realm of the weird and wonderful.

Locals artists and designers include Opus Belle, Brenda Walsh, Katherine Dretzke, Katie Kilgour, Nicola Lay and Justin Boehme, featured in the gallery below (photography by Craig Gaston).

Nicola’s vision is to create a space where her artistic practice meets with the commercial realm, and to give others this opportunity also. To create an experience that makes their audience feel welcome and assisted. An identity that is associated with the unusual and creating community.

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