Punctum experiments in live arts – the best in the field.

Punctum creates and champions live arts productions that are participatory, unexpected, compelling, and regionally grown. By ‘live arts’, we mean innovative or experimental performances or events that disrupt traditional ways of working together or interacting with audiences.

Our annual program brings artists, audiences and communities together through shared cultural adventures. We work closely with professionals and knowledge holders across a wide range of disciplines and cultures to develop the practice and profile of regional live arts through our collaboration and partnerships.

Each work we create is an invitation into the unexpected. Our work is defined by our unique ways of making performances, our engagement with audiences and communities in singular settings, and by the lines we blur between artist and audience, audience and creator.

Ranging in scale from the intimate to the monumental, our productions can be experienced sensorially, emotionally, intellectually, individually, or collectively. We develop safe settings for artists to take creative risks and push the boundaries of their art and practice. We introduce them to diverse regional communities and audiences and open the way for them to excel in local and global arenas.

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