Rob Law is a multi-instrumentalist musician/composer with 20 years experience in the music industry. .

Rob has composed for feature and short films, advertising campaigns and branded content in Australia, the UK and the USA.

He recently composed the full length soundtrack to Jennifer Abbotts “Magnitude of All Things” which won the 2020 Best Feature Documentary at the Canadian Planet in Focus Film Festival, and premiered at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. In 2021, Rob was a Screen Music Award Nominee for the Documentary category for the score.

Robs main passion is writing music for screen and is currently working on a number of short films and documentaries. He loves to collaborate with directors and understands the importance of a well composed score to transform a film and help to enhance the tone and mood. He likes the challenge of applying the right type of music to bring out the most from a scene and to help realise a directors vision.

For the past 15 years Rob has also worked on climate change and this strongly influences his music. “Living in a time of climate change, ecological decline, and so much uncertainty, I think music is profoundly important. It helps express and process, without judgement or intellectual interference, feelings of grief, loss, hope and healing.”

Rob also produces podcasts. He is currently working on a series about musical instruments called “Played by Humans” and has co-produced a podcast project with Kyla Brettle called End Game. It has been shortlisted for the HearSay International Audio Prize in 2021 and been a finalist in the New York Festivals awards.

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