Classically-trained composer, vocalist and performer of acoustic and electronic music

A classically-trained composer, rock/pop/electronic producer, contemporary performer, choral conductor and event manager, Scott has a rich and eclectic background reflecting his wide range of tastes and interests.

As a composer Scott writes in a post-modern style – or rather, in a multitude of styles, drawing from sources as far apart as renaissance polyphony, chromatic modulation, quartal harmony and mathematical manipulation to create a music which is undoubtedly consistent, yet varied stylistically and orchestrally. Whilst displaying a keen preference for orchestral and choral music, his ensemble composition shows his understanding of timbre by his unusual settings and combinations.

As a rock/pop/electronic composer and producer, Scott transcends the popular traditional harmonic settings, shunning the standard chord progression palette with original movements based on common-tone and macrotonal theories. His great love for synthesizers becomes clear with a blending of electric and electronic sounds appearing even in the otherwise solid rock tunes, and is exploited fully in his electronica and more experimental computer music. His capable performance skills in vocals and guitar are highlighted throughout this part of his catalogue.

As a performer Scott shows his willingness to experience the full range of tonal and timbral possibilities, proficient in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, analog and digital synthesizer, and vocals spanning a range of two and a half octaves. From classical guitar beginnings, through to rock/pop, folk, musical theatre, choral and experimental/avant garde/improvisation, he has proven a valuable member of many groups and ensembles throughout his career. His expansion into choral direction and conducting has been the result of many years of dedicated study into the voice.

Parallel to this, Scott has combined his flair for administration and his education in music technology to become a successful music event manager and arts administrator. As Festival Director for the 2011 Castlemaine Fringe Festival and Station Manager of Castlemaine’s community radio station MAIN fm Scott has been able to apply his extensive education and experience to support and facilitate other artists and musicians in the expression of their own arts practice.

Highlights over the last five years include: - touring nationally with The Mathy Matt show for primary schools, a musical show about mathematics - The creation of three scripted cabaret-style shows: - Stardust Melodies - jazz ballads and standards - The Golden Ages of Song - songs from the last 100 years collected in groups based on themes, juxtaposing songs from various eras together - The Brighton Whiteley Synthetic Cabaret Hour - a variety hour-style performance featuring electronic renditions of popular songs and hosted by the Whiteley family (with each member played by myself) - The Zero Point - a disco-rock party cover band like no other. Imagine Madonna played by Dinosaur Jr... - 37° South - a contemporary-classical vocal octet performing 20th and 21st century vocal music bands / music projects: - Sol Robouros (guitar/vocal) - improvised artrock - The Octophonic Frogs (synthesizers) - improvised 'swamp fusion' - the Invisible Pink - improvised / spontaneously composed electronica - solo acoustic singer/songwriting and cover shows

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