Zoe Amor

My work is informed by a deep appreciation for the natural world, connectivity, bio/cultural diversity and the architecture of dreams.

Arranging, modelling, casting, drawing, painting and printing - Zoe creates work that is iconic and contemporary, informed by a deep appreciation for the natural world, cultural diversity and the architecture of dreams. Working across mediums, combining research in aesthetics, sociology and ecology, Architecture of a dream (AOD) embraces the potential of multidisciplinary compositions as visions for the present/future reflecting on how creative and cultural expression connect us to broader social and ecological circumstances and transitions.

At the core of her work is a desire to understand the beneficial connections that exist between humans and other life forms, to (re) generate a deeper appreciation and respect for the natural world. These thoughts are reflected in the Cross Pollination series; Dusk, the first sculptural commission for the Castlemaine Art Museum now residing in the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens; Kamarooka in the Bendigo Bank Collection and the Red Box Bush series inspired by indigenous species of Central Victoria. Zoe is a finalist in the Paul Guest Prize 2022 at Bendigo Art Gallery and highlights from her studio and art life is currently on show in an Orbit exhibition at Castlemaine Art Museum until 20 November, 2022.

Zoe has travelled and worked extensively in the arts and cultural spheres as an artistic director, curator, consultant, designer, writer, drawing lecturer and public arts facilitator. She has been the recipient of awards and grants; curated numerous exhibitions, and her work exhibited in award, solo and group exhibitions, commissioned and held in public and private collections.

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