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The go to destination for great food, exceptional hospitality and an environment that evokes a sense of multiple histories, that combine the Victorian Gold Rush and the owners’ Scottish heritage.
Phone| 54161133
Address| 163 Main Road, Chewton, VIC, 3451

The Red Hill Hotel has consistently been a Pub for over 165 years and has many a story to tell. Most of the stories are now told around the front bar, where the Publican and his local team are always happy to have a chat and provide info on the area.

The Red Hill Hotel plays host to many local live music sessions each week either in the front bar or on our beautiful Mulberry Tree Stage in the Red Hill Beer Garden and offer a delicious and inventive menu and locally produced ales and wines.

Located in a 165 year old building that has consistently been a pub for all of that time, the Red Hill Hotel has raised the bar in the Central Goldfields with Head Chef Rachel Dutton (Pope Joan, Higher Ground, Maha) and a rogue alumni who cut their teeth in the likes of Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel, The Builders Arms, Rockwell and Sons, Bar Lourinha, Jimmy Grants and The B.east achieving a spot in the top 100 restaurants in VIC in under 2 years.

The ethos here is ‘comfort food, done well’, without pretension, old school Scottish hospitality and a 100% focus on the abundance and quality of local produce and suppliers across the board. The daily off-menu specials, decided by what’s in season and what’s available locally are where it’s at, and there’s not a parmie in sight! Instead there’s delicate starters, veggie and vegan options, the best Schnitzel you’ve ever had and slow cooked meats, stews and roasts as well as unique bar snacks like the world famous ‘Donug’ and Scottish classics like Pub Chips and Chicken Pakora causing a stir with the drinkers, as well as the diners.

Aside from the food, the venue acts as a gallery space with local artists Jeff Makin and Coiled Springs amongst others and is also host to regular live music both inside with local trad groups and outside with touring acts bringing music from all over the world to our tiny town

Already a favourite with the locals and a steady stream of people passing through, The Red Hill Hotel is demonstrating how a proper county pub with the right attitude, and attention to detail can still exist without TAB, pokies and the TV providing the entertainment and a great display of live music and art work as an ideal substitute.
The Red Hill Hotel usually trades Weds to Sun from 12pm til 11pm. (3pm on Thu/Fri) and has been forced to close for the last 3 months due to the rona. We hope to open up in July, but we are seriously down on resources, so any help or grants soon offer would be greatly appreciated.

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