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Thumbnail Green - aka Nathan Edwards is a multi-instrumentalist and writer/performer and dancer. Music maker in a style of Hip-Hop beats meets RnB songwriter, sprinkled with synth sounds.

I ran nightclubs as a teenager in Brisbane and then in my 30’s in Melbourne with DJ Sunshine and 8-Bit mainly to breakdance to music I like at full volume – Djing is fun too.
I was a Singer/Drummer/Dancer in the underground and legendary Electro-Disco Funk band Down Town Brown. We rocked Big Day Out (band of the day), Falls Festival, Meredith and every club on the east coast.
Signed to Mushroom Music with The Calculators and produced and remixed for international and national acts from Hot Chip to Deni Hines. Also moonlighted as drummer in cover bands for corporate gigs – (oh the shame)
Fast forward to now. Thumbnail Green (with help from Sam Thomas -aka Dedo Beat) writes and performs heart and soul music with modern electro-funk out of my off-grid, owner-built Straw Bale homestead. Oh and Permaculture design is my day job.
Nature and Music – #winning

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