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A beautiful, beguiling, mobile arts festival that exists to provide an intimate environment in which professional and non-professional artists and audiences can meet each other in bliss.
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The Village project is about the development of a complete festival environment in which to show short contemporary performances, music and visual art experiences and where the local community collaborates with professional artists. The Village Festival is the only traveling Theatre Festival in Australia enjoying its sixteenth year of activities.
It is committed to creating innovative and stimulating arts events and artworks that follow the ideals of inclusion, sharing and community. This often involves combining exceptional art with community activities in ways that make the arts practices more inclusive and uses the arts to create a stronger community.

The Village is invited into communities all across Australia at times of celebration, reflection and wonderment.

The Village Festival has created and presented a total of 55 festivals since 2005
An additional 31 significant projects have been achieved which include the creation and production of venues, workshops, artworks, performances and experiments.

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We have nothing but admiration for the incredible ideas brought forth by our community through the recent Get Lost Quick grants program.