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CTC’s podcast of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in 4 episodes is now available

The Tempest, A podcast in 4 episodes
now available on the CTC website
Directed by Kate Stones with original music by David Thrussell

Is blood thicker than water? Two charismatic sisters, one mad, the other bad, embark on contrasting paths to power; drawn into a festering conflict, they take a winding and magical route to redemption. 

David Thrussell’s original score paints an expansive, dangerous and intoxicating landscape encompassing driving electronic beats and magisterial, mystical themes.

Deep in the heart of last year’s lockdowns, Castlemaine Theatre Company was busy producing their very own Covid-Proof production of Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest.

The production was conceived by CTC President Kate Stones as an audio project, which was recorded at our new home at The Etty Street Studio in Castlemaine. We were incredibly lucky that locally-based and internationally-renowned electronic musician and composer David Thrussell had just had an international tour cancelled due to Covid. Thrussell agreed to compose the score for our podcast, and the result is a lush, expansive sonic landscape, with a timeless yet contemporary feel. We have divided Shakespeare’s original script into four episodes, averaging approximately 50mins each. The episodes were aired weekly on Castlemaine’s own 94.9mainFM radio station in 2021.

Over the last few months, we’ve been tweaking and perfecting the podcast, even re-recording some of the material, and now at last, it is available to everyone to listen to on our website. We ask you simply show your appreciation by a voluntary donation.

The Tempest takes place on an enchanted island populated with strange creatures and spirits where a banished duke plots to get revenge on his usurping brother. In our version we have adapted the original script altering the gender of the main character, Prospera, with her sister Antonia. The play deals with themes of power, revenge, and ultimate forgiveness. The Tempest is known as Shakespeare’s most musical play, and David Thrussell’s incredible score describes the island with dynamic energy, beauty, darkness and light. The music deftly supports the performances of the CTC’s cohort of experienced and talented actors.

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Audiences say:
“Listening right now to The Tempest. Marvellous! Sound design is beautiful and immersing. The shipwreck…stunning. Oh, and the music…fantastic! Very good performances overall and seamlessly embedded in the atmospherics. Congratulations!”

“The Tempest is a great production. David Thrussell’s music is intense and enveloping”

“David Thrussell is a BIG talent”

“You can hear the work and commitment”

“Shakespeare with a very contemporary feel. Sounds amazing!”

“I got lost in the story…”

“The characters speak Shakespearean but they converse as we do. They have been let talk rather than just read lines. Love it.”

More information: Kate Stones 0431 998 707

Listen to The Tempest: