Get Lost in the Creative

THE ART OF PINSTRIPING – Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre - The Art of Pinstriping will support the revival of Pinstriping as a ‘lost trade’, once practiced widely in our region at the Castlemaine Foundry. This project will help preserve this artform in a community where it was once prolific, with up to 10 local VCAL Students at Castlemaine Secondary College directly benefiting through a program […]
A STORYTELLER’S GUIDE TO THE GOLDFIELDS – Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky -   A Storyteller’s Guide to the Goldfields builds on Jan’s production of six high quality audio tours of the goldfields, previously titled “Living Stories of the Goldfields” and featuring 35 local actors, musicians and interviewees telling the history of Dja Dja Wurrung, European and Chinese men and women of this area. This collection was originally […]
RE-THINKING THE STREETS – Kate Gamble - Re-thinking the streets will bring together country-based urban designers and local makers to re-imagine the streetscapes in our region. It will look at what sort of elements could be introduced to our public spaces to help people distance, queue and otherwise operate in the way we all need to in the era of COVID19. These […]
A CELEBRATION OF OUR LOCAL WOMEN – Lisa D’Onofrio - A Celebration of our Local Women will kick start a program to commemorate and celebrate the lives of regional women, both past and present, in Mount Alexander Shire. Recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in all facets of life has a positive impact on the development of self-respect and new opportunities for women, as […]
CASTLEMAINE RAILWAY STATION SOUND INSTALLATION – Martin Lee and Wally Gunn - Martin Lee and Wally Gunn’s sound installation at Castlemaine Railway Station will share our collective stories of physical travel and document the unique experiences of our residents during this exceptional time. This creative team will seek out stories from people already marginalised by advanced age, ethnicity, physical ability, or economic disadvantage, and amplify their voices. […]
THE WAY-THE WATER-THE WALK – Punctum Inc. - the Way-the Water-the Walk will highlight the work of local artists in a collaboration with Castlemaine Art Museum (CAM), and Castlemaine Secondary College for this new project as part of Punctum’s wider HYPER-LOCAL program. “the Way-the Water-the Walk” takes our region’s place within the Murray Darling Basin and places it in a global setting of […]
CASTLEMAINE ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP – Sach Motee - The Castlemaine Electronic Workshop will showcase software set-ups for producing and performing electronic compositions. Involving a live-streamed panel discussion featuring local artists and enthusiasts in this field. Attendees will get to try out, audition, learn and sample from modular synthesizers, beat programming machines, loops, audio interfaces and midi controllers. Participants will gain insights into the […]
LOVE YOUR LOCAL – Shedshaker Brewing - LOVE YOUR LOCAL is a month-long celebration of local performers taking place at The Taproom from 1st to 30th August, accompanied by an exhibition of original local art. Shedshaker Brewing is inspired by 3 critical ingredients – community, collaboration and creativity – and this project will nurture our creative community with a musical showcase of […]
DRIVE-IN FIRE SHOW – The Village Festival - The Village Festival’s “Drive-in Fire Show” will be a COVIDSafe re-emergence event for our community and provide employment and professional development for our local creative workforce. Five diverse artists will collaborate with each other across artforms and together with Main FM and the community of the Central Goldfields, will combine spoken word, music, sculpture, pyrotechnics […]
CONNECTS – Wide Open Road Art - Wide Open Road Art’s Connects will be a series of interviews with eight local creatives, on location in their home or where they feel ‘at home’, to explore our connection to places and landscapes, and the role of making in the developing the experience of being ‘at home’. The series recognises that we live in […]