Kyla Brettle

I will fix this up later

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Ann Ferguson

Ann Ferguson is a ceramic artist and educator of long experience living in Castlemaine. Hundreds of private collections and public installations...

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Suzanne Kalk


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Samantha Bews

Samantha Bews is a theatre artist who works as an installation artist, performer and writer. Her works are action based and held within a poetic...

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Nathan Edwards

I write, perform and gig my RnBeats songs. I champion the MPC4000 sampler and sprinkle my tracks with synth sounds and tight grooves in a slower to...

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Elizabeth Geddes

Consulting — Are you a small business or sole trader and don't know how to connect all the elements of marketing yourself. A deep generalist like...

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Richard Baxter

Visual artists working in paint / photography / digital imaging / 3D modelling, animation / Stereography /

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Martin Lee

I am an interdisciplinary artist predominately working in video and installation. My work explores themes around perceptions of masculinity,...

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Jodi Newcombe

Carbon Arts generates and evaluates creative models for engaging society in imagining and shaping a more sustainable future. Straddling the arts,...

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Damon Girbon

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Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

I'm a storyteller. For me that means that I variously perform my solo theatre shows, research/write my own songs, make CDs, write oral history...

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Sian Bloom

To be honest I'm not quite sure what the output of this is so I am hesitant to be providing much information at this point . However, I am very...

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Michael Graeve

Michael Graeve is a visual and sound artist based in Castlemaine, Australia. He exhibits and performs internationally....

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Ben Harding

I make corporate and educational / training videos. I have also dabbled in podcasting and app development. Please see

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deita walters

Visual and Textile background. Personal works ar primarily paper collage works. Highly motivated to work within the community. Volunteered on...

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Crag Carrick


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Kate Rice

Kate Rice studied acting at VCA, playwriting at NIDA and writing for short film at AFTRS. She holds a PhD in creative writing on the ethics of...

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Vicki Anderson

I am the Covid door bitch at the Theatre Royal tomorrow night.

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Debon Dwyer

ceramic artist and installations

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Zeb Olsen

Zeb and Jaxon work on Dja Dja Wurrung country. We manage and operate a record label called 'Garden Seat', in which we have many planned releases for...

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Guss Mallmann

Guss Mallmann is a film director whose works include National Geographic Cosmos Interstitials with Ann Druyan (2020), DZ Deathrays: Like People...

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Aimee Chapman

As an electronic producer, vocalist, musician and sound artist whose work traverses electronic, pop and jazz via found sounds and visual work I have...

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Alex Sanson

Alex Sanson (Metaform) has worked as a sculptor and installation artist for nearly 30 years, with a focus on kinetic, interactive and immersive...

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Hayley West

Hayley West’s practice relates to a lived awareness of death and memorial, working with sculpture, video, performance and installation. Her...

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Wally Gunn

Wally Gunn is a composer whose work makes use of patterns and processes, and sometimes utilizes physical gesture and speech to heighten the...

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Deborah Wardle

Deborah Wardle has fiction and non-fiction stories published by Spinifex Press, Meanjin, Overland, The Big Issue, Castlemaine Independent and...

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Caz Walsh


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Jennie Kelly

I graduated in 1993 in the UK with a degree in Communications, including working with David Walliams at a TV production company for my work...

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Catherine Pilgrim

Meticulous, considered drawing is the basis for Catherine Pilgrim’s practice including lithographs, drawings and textiles – with absence,...

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Alex Kelly

Alex is an organiser and artist committed to social and climate justice based on Dja Dja Wurrung Country, ‘Australia’. Alex has worked in film,...

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Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre Limited


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Bradley Dawson

A self-taught graphic designer, I run my own design business plus a word-oriented online t-shirt shop....

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Mark Penzak

Mark Penzak is a performer and playwright. His style features innovative sets and puppets combined with traditional techniques of playwriting,...

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Steve Mayhew

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Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills is a writer, producer, director and editor with over twenty five years experience producing video promos, podcasts, short films, art and...

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Anitra Nelson

I am a published creator of poetry, short films, a play, fiction and non-fiction articles, and non-fiction books. I have directed and produced...

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Rob Law

I'm a musician/composer who primarily writes music for film and tv.

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Scott Sanders

A classically-trained composer, rock/pop/electronic producer, contemporary performer, choral conductor and event manager, Scott has a rich and...

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Natalie Moxham


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Sacha Motee

I am a DJ for Main FM. My show is called the Record Low Show. It is listened to here and in Manchester. I curate a show that showcases the best in...

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pamela Jewson


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